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Feminization Hypnosis

You deserve this change and you've arrived at the right place, because this trusted feminization program will transform your life. Every possible aspect of feminization has been included from the feminine lady walk to the tiny micro-expressions we give off every second. Imagine walking, talking, moving, flirting, dating, and living exactly like a true natural woman, and that feels good. You can download this exciting program right now and start your male to female conversion without any side effects. You will soon understand that hypnosis is very powerful, and the results are effective and often drastic. Your subconscious mind has been programmed since birth to give off certain signals telling people around you that you are a male, but now this can be changed for the rest of your life, giving your body language a new image.

The hypnotic trance inductions have been designed by Paul Clinton to produce a powerful self-hypnosis trance, which is necessary to make these feminizing changes.

Take advantage of this xmas offer and download this bargain program that will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence, and transform your male past to create a new permanent natural woman.


Contents of the pack


Hand movements, Posture,
Facial Expressions, Gestures

30 mins


Higher Voice, Feminine Speech,
Natural Tone, Pitch, Conversation,

35 mins


Transformation, Past memories
Create new memories, Feminizing

31 mins


Seduce Men, Seduction, Dating

15 mins


Feminine walk

41 mins


Self esteem, Self-Love

29 mins


Lady attitude, Feminine Desires

17 mins


Hormones, skin, breasts, smell

35 mins


Sexual fantasy with, Brad Pitt

32 mins


Contents of the pack (9 Cds):


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